A true statement from one of my friends: "Wow! I haven't been here since-- the last time I was here!"
Didn't Michael Jordan retire like three times already??


This page unintentionally left blank (?)
Yesterday, for the first time ever, I actually stored gloves in my glove compartment!


Is it an omen that the top three guys in charge of the US Government are named Bush, Dick, and Colon?


You know you're losing your grip when you can be outsmarted by the garage door opener...(long story)...


If you are ever depressed or feel bad about yourself and need to get a better perspective on life...
Go to the DMV on any weekday and look around at the people there...You should feel much better in no time!
PS- Make sure you leave quickly.


Bush and Blair Love Duet? Yes, click HERE to see an audio/video stream that is very funny!
More proof the world has not come to its senses:
Geraldo Rivera did NOT get kicked out of Iraq...I guess he wants to stick around to open Saddam's vault.