Holy Cr@p! Check out this guy's apartment!

Here are some photos of a guy whose apt. smelled so bad it seeped into his neighbor's apt. via the electric sockets. Check out that fridge.

Bad Neighbor


Can we still call it a film if it's made digitally?

If you plan to see any good movies or rent a video this weekend...you may want to check here first:
Four Word Film Reviews

then again, maybe not


Old B@stard - 1

Just had my birthday yesterday; one more year until I am offcially "over the hill", i.e. An old bastard. (That would be 40 for those of you weren't sure :-)

I also paid over $2/gallon for gasoline for the first time ever. I can already feel the urge to say "...when I was your age, gas used to be just a dollar!..."
Oh well.

PS - Some fun for your spare time:


Another Great Quote by the prolific author 'Anonymous'

"Nothing is fool-proof to a sufficiently talented fool."

-- anonymous


Exploding Non-Dairy Creamer

And other wacky uses for common household products can be found at WackyUses.com