Did ya hear? They took the word gullible out of the dictionary!

and if you believe that...here are some more words of wisdom--

You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't wipe your friends on the couch.

Frogs have it easy. They can eat what bugs them.

Red meat is not bad for you Fuzzy green meat is bad for you.

Me, Ambivalent? Well, yes and no.

KENTUCKY: Five million people, Fifteen last names.

They call it "PMS" because "Mad Cow Disease" was already taken.

Having a smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool.

A male gynecologist is like an auto mechanic who never owned a car.

Sometimes you're the bug, and sometimes you're the windshield.


Top 10 Craziest Stuff You Didnt Know

Seriously - men can breastfeed and chickens can be hypnotized? Well if that's not bad enough, now they're saying that picking your nose and eating it can be good for you!?! Looks like little Tommy Dorfman in 3rd grade had the right idea!


The Natural Goodness of Cheery Hos

Check out Main Street Sonoma for their "unique" cereals, featuring:

* Cheery Hos
* Cocoa Buffs
* Porn Flakes
* Fruity Loops

and more.....


Free XM Radio for Dell Dimensions

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Random Walking...

Site with cool links and stuff....Random Walking on the Internet

Government to Track Our Whereabout via Automobiles

As another point of proof to my previsou post, read about how the Gov't wants to use GPS to track our vehicles at all times, and disable them if we tamper with the GPS device.
Read about it HERE.

Be careful what you search for...

OK - I realize that most of us reading this blog are not hardened criminals (?) and have no intention of hurting anyone or "doing someone in"...but still there is scary eWeek Article about how the police used a man's Google search words as evidence against him in a first degree murder case.

This means you should be careful what you search for - even if you are just curious or fooling around. Who knows how this stuff can be used against you years in the future. Is this another instance of Bush spying on people? I understand wanting to be able to prosecute criminals - but, there are many things I search on that I wouldn't want brought up in court...mostly they are just random walking through the internet or following links referred by "weird and unusal web sites", etc. I've even borrowed the book "The Art of the Steal" from the library. Did I plan on creating a big scam or ripping off a bank and flying to Peru? Nope...just curious how others scammed the police and got away with it (and in some cases eventually caught). Is everyone who ever watched "Catch Me If You Can?" a suspect in a robbery case.

I find this all a bit unsettling. I'm sure if you grabbed the following information for ANYONE in the US, you can build a circumstantial case for something somewhere (as if lawyers needed more stuff to work on):

- Google searches
- Internet sites visited
- Library books borrowed
- EZPass records (automated toll booth tag)
- Credit card accounts
- Chat logs
- Wireless phone GPS coordinates
- etc.

I am starting to get the feeling that communist Russia was more lenient with respect to privacy as the US is currently...but, I don't know for a fact -- just a suspicion. And now, I assume my internet logs will be checked.... :-(


Spare Change for Blogging Your News

Did you ever happen upon a newsworthy event? Have your camera-phone or PDA with you? want to earn some money reporting the news? Want me to stop asking questions and tell you the deal?

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Merry Christmas...whether you like it or not!

Are we all really that sensitive that if I wish you a Merry Christmas and your either areligious, jewish, or whatever, that you would get offended? Seriously?

A great article by Anthony Cerminaro from BizzBangBuzz states my sentiments exactly. He states:

I avoid using the sappy, vapid phrase "Happy Holidays." I much prefer greeting others with "Merry Christmas" and, the more traditional, "Season's Greetings."

I find it hard to understand how anyone could be offended by such a greeting. For instance, many of my friends and colleagues are Jewish, and I am relatively certain that none of them has ever been offended by hearing a hearty "Merry Christmas" greeting from me. Nor am I offended when I am wished a joyous and happy new year when Rosh Hashana rolls around. If someone is wishing for me happiness and blessings, then I am all for it.

... and later ...

Some would distort freedom of religion into freedom from religion. They take offense at anything that does not accord with their own beliefs – or lack of belief. They insist that the nation revolve around them...

Is there too much happiness in the world? Is there a shortage of sadness and grief? Does hearing "Joy to the world" really cause a problem?

Is there too much friendship in the world? Is there a deficiency of hatred and strife? Does "Peace on earth, good will toward men" really sound oppressive?...

Is there too much fellowship in the world? Is there a dearth of hostility and ill will? Does a hearty "Merry Christmas!" really give offense?

Is there too much light in the world? Is there a scarcity of darkness and gloom? Do pretty lights really cause distress?

A wise man said that it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. But what would he have thought of those who curse the candle?"

You go, boy!

And to everyone else: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Today's Definition: Politics

Greek origin;

Poli = many,
tics = ugly, blood-sucking insects


Rome institutes a Porno Tax

Give unto ceasar:

"ROME (Reuters) - Italy's cash-strapped government has decided to hike taxes on one of the country's few vibrant industries, pornography, to help rein in the burgeoning budget deficit, government sources told Reuters Tuesday.

The "porno-tax," which imposes an additional levy of 25 percent on all income from pornography, is contained in a package of amendments to the 2006 budget to presented in the Chamber of Deputies Tuesday or Wednesday, the sources said.

Under the amendment, subscribers to hard core television channels must also pay additional value-added tax of 10 percent. Altogether, the tougher tax-treatment of porn should bring the government some 300 million euros next year." -----

I think the funny part is that they are charging a Value Added Tax (VAT) on porno. What is the value added? Is it the photoshop airbrushing to remove the wrinkles, scars, and bad teeth? Here is something interesting to consider: How much do you think the US could make doing this? Do you think that we could fund the social security deficit?

You Know You're Lazy When...

When you can't even expend the effort to stir your d@mn coffee!
You can buy this product for the sloths in your family for Christmas at THIS WEBSITE.


Bad Christmas Gifts

A Choice magazine survey of nearly 12,000 people found the worst 9 presents to give for Christmas were:
- electric ice shaver
- ice cream maker
- foot spa
- electric can openers
- aromatherapy diffusers
- hair removal appliances
- heated rollers
- hair curling wands
- deli-slicers

I would now like to add one of my own thoughts here.
I know you can't get your virginity back - but now (men) you can get your foreskin back (I'm serious). But I would not recommend giving someone the artifical foreskin for Christmas.


What to do with all that Junk Mail?

Turn it into modern decor - specifically venetian blinds.


Saved by the Bell

Are you constantly getting called into useless meetings? Do people just seem to come up to you while you're trying to work and yammer away? Are there just some people you don't want to talk to? (We told you not to date your co-workers dumbhead!)

Well - now there is relief!
Go to Ring4Freedom to be saved!
For a small monthly fee, you can set up scheduled calls (for that weekly status meeting) or have it ring your cell phone immediately. You can then tell your colleagues/relatives/strangers that "I have to take this...it's gonna be a while."

Good Luck and --- oops, that's my phone -- gotta go!


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A True Problem Solver (parable)

A wise man rode into a desert village one evening as the sun was setting.
Dismounting from his camel, he asked one of the villagers for a drink of water.
‘Of course,’ said the villager and gave him a cup of water.
The traveller drank the whole cupful. ‘Thank you,’ he said. ‘Can I help you at
all before I travel on?’

‘Yes,’ said the young man. ‘We have a dispute in our family. I am the youngest of three brothers. Our father died recently, God rest his soul, and all he possessed was a small herd of camels. Seventeen, to be exact. He decreed in his will that one half of the herd was to go to my oldest brother, one third to the middle brother and one ninth to me. But how can we divide a herd of 17? We do not want to chop up any camels, they are worth far more alive.’

‘Take me to your house,’ said the sage.

When he entered the house he saw the other two brothers and the man’s
widow sitting around the fire arguing. The youngest brother interrupted them
and introduced the traveller.

‘Wait,’ said the wise man, ‘I think I can help you.Here, I give you my camel as
a gift. Now you have 18 camels. One half goes to the eldest, that’s nine camels.
One third goes to the middle son, that’s six camels. And one ninth goes to my
friend here, the youngest son. That’s two.’

‘That’s only 17 altogether,’ said the youngest son.
‘Yes. By a happy coincidence, the camel left over is the one I gave to you. If
you could possibly give it back to me, I will continue on my journey.’
And he did.


Geek Pickup Lines

Here are my favorite geek pickup lines as found on BBspot board.

I don't mean to disturb you, but Heisenberg's Uncertainly Principle said I already did that by observing you.

You make me want to be an honest man, and register all my shareware.

Do you prefer the static or expanding universe theory more? Because, since I first saw you, I'm expanding.

What's a nice girl like you doing on an unsecured webcam like this?

I have so much love to give you'll have to pipe it through more.

I was hoping you wouldn't block my pop-up.

Girl, I wish I was your differential, because then I'd be touching all your curves.

I'd switch to emacs for you.

Mind if I run a sniffer to see if your ports are open?

By looking at you I can tell you're 36-25-36, which by the way are all perfect squares.

I'm attracted to you so strongly, scientists will have to develop a fifth fundamental force.

What's a girl like you doing in a place like this when there's a Farscape marathon on right now on the Sci Fi channel.

They don't call me Bones because I'm a doctor.

Want to see my Red Hat?

You had me at "Hello World."