Please Enter Your Account Number

Today's Pet Peeve:
You call customer service and suffer through several levels of menu selections and then they ask you to enter your account number to make sure you are really a customer. So you obey like a good consumer and enter the 16, 20, or 50 digit account number and then a pound sign (or as the kids call it now, hashtag.)

Then they put you on hold for anywhere from 1 minute to 27 holes of golf long. 

Then you finally get the customer service representative and they ask your name and then they want your account number - again! I tell them I just punched it into the phone, get it from the computer.  

"Sorry, sir they dont pass that info onto us, can you tell me your account number?"

With all the technology they have, they can't display the account number I just entered into system to the rep? Of course, they can! But not one of them do. 

So now, since I have to enter it twice and wait on hold for a long time, I tell them my account number 1 digit at a time, really.....really....slowly.